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About Us

Hebron Christian Academy Writing Samples

 Hebron Christian Academy Writing Samples
Expository, Narrative, and Persuasive Writings

About this site:
This digital library of writing samples was created by Judy Robertson media specialist of HCA.  The development of this digital library was to meet the requirements of ILS 655 at Southern Connecticut State University by instructor Dr. Yan Liu.  The writing samples provided in this library will give students, teachers and parents examples of strong writing skills that can be utilized for classroom instruction, individual assistance, homework assignments, and teacher presentations.  The digital library will also provide a location where writing samples can be preserved and viewed by future students and teachers.  The hyperlinks will display websites where extra assistance and instruction can be found.

 Mission Statement:
The mission of this digital library is to provide samples of writings from the middle school students of HCA that exhibit exceptional examples of expository, narrative, and persuasive writings.  The mission is to also preserve writings of students for future classes, teachers, and families of HCA.

Copyright Statement:
Permission to display student’s stories has been acquired from students and parents.  The material on this site was created for educational purposes only and the rights of the student authors of this site are reserved.

Collection Policy:

Organization of Collection:
Writing samples will be organized by grade level and type of writing.  There will also be a section for hyperlinks that provide additional instruction on writing and types of writings.  The collection will be digitized texts of middle school writing samples.

Resource Descriptions:
The writing samples will be described by title and summary of story content.  This metadata method of description will provide searchers with additional information to assist in their selection of a writing sample.

 Access and Use:
This site will be accessed by browsing the writings by grade level and types of writing.  The site is free and may be publicly accessed.  Researchers may also use a search engine provided free of charge by FreeFind.

Services Features:
The full text of the writings will be available as well as hyperlinks.  These hyperlinks will provide websites that assist in the development of writing skills and teacher aides.

Interface Design:
The website was designed using the free space provided by the internet venture Angelfire from the Lycos Network.  Dreamweaver was also utilized for the designing of specific pages. The listings of the collection of writing samples are presented by grade level and type of writing.  Researchers may browse the lists and select from the given grade and type.  Additional resources and sites will be given in lists of hyperlinks presented on a separate page. 

Enhancement/Evaluation &/or Maintenance Plan
The digital library will be updated every school year with new writings collected by the language arts department.  Teachers will also complete a survey to assess the performance of the digital library concerning its usability, assistance to instruction, and amount of aide to students, parents, and faculty.  The website will be accessed on the school’s homepage to preserve its contents and usefulness to the HCA family.  Plans for the future will be to expand the writing collection to include writing samples from grades 8-12 as well as examples of the writing stages for the elementary level students.  There will also be continued additions of hyperlinks to include websites for MLA/APA information as well as the writing stages for the writing process.